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Modern urban transportation market has become a battlefield between traditional taxi businesses and new online services like Uber. Those new services are taking the best drivers and the most lucrative customers away from taxi business, offering them the technology features, that none of the taxi companies can offer.

Etaximo helps the taxi business survive this battle. We are giving you the tools and technology solutions on par with the world class transportation services and allowing your companies to unite in order to save your business.

  • New business on a new platform

    Would like to open new taxi business? Or don’t have enough orders? Just install Etaximo app to your drivers, setup pricing policy and you will not have any shortage of work.

  • Easy start

    Prefer not to drop your old system? You can work with Etaximo in parallel with your old software. Cloud solution requires no substantial startup costs.

  • Etaximo app for customers

    Your customers choose Uber and other app alike? Etaximo will provide your customers with all modern features, and you will not lose your revenue.

  • Smart card payments

    Etaximo allows your customers to pay with cards for their rides from inside the app. And lets you transfer funds to your drivers cards, optimizing taxation.

  • Speed at scale

    Our platform works without a hitch and slowdown even on a really large order volume. We currently process more that 120 000 rides per day in Ukraine alone.

  • Exchange with 0%

    We allow Etaximo partners to exchange orders using our system with no exchange commission – 0%.

  • Driver rating

    Driver rating system allows you to distribute rides and bonuses according to each driver’s personal performance.

  • Stability and security

    System accessibility is at least 99.9% of time – idle time no more that 40 minutes per month. Secured servers in the best datacenters of Germany and Netherlands.

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